Enabling carriers and MSPs in the cloud mobile era with IBM MaaS360’s multi-tenant capabilities

Tens of thousands of clients use MaaS360 everyday to provide unified management (for mobile, PC and Mac).  These clients benefit from the simplicity, scalability and security of the SaaS platform.  This was recognised in the recent Forrester Wave: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q4 2015, which highlighted “MaaS360 product allows customers to easily add modules with appropriate functionality as they need them. the vendor provides customers with a wide variety of mobility and security tools via integration of the EMM product with other IBM MobileFirst products such as ISAM for identity and access management, the MobileFirst platform for application development, and QRadar for security intelligence“.

Many clients also turn to external IT services providers (particularly Mobile Service Providers) to operate their mobile infrastructure and BYOD initiatives.  With Mobile Managed Services (or MMS) are expected to grow at around 27% per year through 2016, it’s a strategic managed service provider capability.  Therefore, MaaS360 can provide the perfect platform for any MSP organisation of any size.

MaaS360 – Built with multi-tenancy services

Analysts and clients recognise MaaS360 provides a mature shared-processing multi tenant architecture, which is the best-in-class cloud among ranked EMM vendors.  MaaS360 initially provided management of Windows PCs and Mac OS X (which is why it can managed older operating systems as old as Windows XP SP3!)   The platform has evolved to support a large variety of mobile operating systems including a secure productivity suite (or container) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

MaaS360 provides inherant multi-tenancy services, which provides the following services for a MMS organisation:

  • Multi-Tenant Hierarchy
  • Easily supports multi-channel model
  • Easily onboard new customers/partners
  • Single login to manage customers
  • Branding
  • Dashboards and Reports

This is depicted in the following diagram:

MaaS360 multitenant architecture

These services are provided on a highly secure platform, which is all managed by IBM.  For example, IBM MaaS360 is the only Unified Endpoint Management (Mobile and PC including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & OSX) SaaS platform have successfully completed a SOC 2 Type II audit since 2007.  In addition, MaaS360 also has FedRAMP mobile authorisation. With IBM MaaS360, your clients data is safe.

maas360 certs


Benefits of using MaaS360 for an MSP

The MaaS360 MSP portal can allow an authorised administrator to create and manage separate customer accounts.  Each customer account is completely separate from the other.  This allows an MMS complete visibility and control of each customer they are managing.

MaaS360 MSP portal
Account Management
Via the MaaS360 portal each mobile managed services provider can generate their own trial registration URL.  This allows MMS to allow clients to start production trials within a few minutes in their own MSP portal.  This URL can include associated branding and customisation.  A good example is the trial registration link for O2 in the UK.

Various elements of MaaS360 can be easily branded via the MSP portal.  This includes the trial registration page, service name, portal logo etc.  Elements of MaaS360 can also be branded for each client of the MSP too (such as inside the Secure Productivity Suite, the logo can be changed).


MaaS360 provides a range of client and MSP reports.  For example an MSP can easily see what clients are in a trial phase and which are production:

MaaS360 MSP Account Overview

The good news for an MSP, is that there is no charge to change a trial account to a customer (live) account. It’s simply a change of status from within the portal.  Each client will have been testing using a production service.

Integrate to on-premises systems with certainty
The MaaS360 on-prem components such as the Cloud Extender and Enterprise Gateway can be installed and activated within a few minutes.  The CE/MEG are integrated into a single installer, and communicate to the MaaS360 cloud via port 443 (and via customer proxy systems).  The CE/MEG provide health check alerts, which provide alerts to an administrator if the CE or associated systems such as Active Directory or Exchange is unavailable.

MaaS360 CE Health Check

For an MSP organisation, all of these features result in less installation and ongoing effort to manage and maintain.


Unified Management
MSP organisations are also branching into other platforms such as PC and Mac management (which have traditionally been serviced by on-prem solutions).  MaaS360 can provide a range of more advanced services that other MDM solutions don’t provide.  For example:

  • Lock
  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Remote Wipe
  • Distribute Software (PC and Mac)
  • Distribute software for Windows PC and Mac OS X
  • Patch compliance for Windows

I’ve provided a link to the full list of services for PC and Mac.

Integrated Threat Protection
MaaS360 is the only leading EMM with integrated mobile anti-malware capability.  This includes anti-malware services for iOS and Android.  Here is a link to a great video overview.


Power your MSP business with MaaS360

MSP organisations are looking unified endpoint management solutions with zero infrastructure requirements.   When we’ve outlined some of the above features with organisations, they recognise how MaaS360 can provide a powerful platform for their clients.   Of course, if you would like to try out MaaS360, you can register for a free 30-day trial by going to www.maas360.com/trial.

If you would like further information, you can contact me via my blog contact page.